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“Be like the bee that gathers pollen from many flowers and then makes its own honey. Learn from the greatest masters you can find, then practice and assimilate what you’ve learned.” 
~ Abhinava Gupta


Clarinda Tivoli

Founder of The Matriarchal Business, Clarinda Tivoli (she/her) educates on the decolonization of life and business.

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Marita, One Who Catches Lightning 

THE PATH OF THE JAGUAR- THROUGH THE SHADOW: to hold the Rainbow WARRIOR Medicine of radical self love

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Penpa Dolma

Penpa uses psychosomatics, spirituality and an acute awareness of the ways dysfunctional systems affect individual and collective well being to inspire healing and activate change in her community.

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Lori Glazebrook

Community weaver, human, friend, soil builder, spirit tender, somatic practitioner. 

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