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1-1 Sessions and Small Group Work

Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries

Working With Pain & Difficult Emotions

 Nervous System Capacity and Managing Overwhelm

Decolonizing The Mind and Nervous System

Personalized Self Care Plan Beyond the Bathtub


Things we can explore in a 1-1 or customized small group experience:


When you choose to work with me, we will collaborate to build a relationship that centers your needs while divesting from unhealthy cultural norms and expectations. 

You can expect to explore:

Self-care beyond the bathtub

• Feeding your body, mind & soul
• Emotional regulation
• Coping skills
• Building t
olerance for the uncomfortable
• Accessing agency & autonomy

• Taking your place within community



• Your various parts (the archetypes beneath the surface)
• The Shadow
• Critical Thinking
• Making meaning of the past & visioning the future
• Self discovery



• Resilience
• Personal and collective responsibility
• Growth mindset
• Meaning and purpose
• Post-traumatic growth

In exchange for feel.focus.flow. sessions, circles, events and self paced workshops, your money is received as crowdfunding for Lawa Pono Forest Farm on the Big Island of Hawai'i. When you choose to support yourself with feel.focus.flow not only are you getting the gift of slowing down and creating intimacy with your inner and outer worlds, you are also contributing to cooperative, community farming, food sovereignty and land based learning.

If you have questions, crave more information or want to create and schedule a small group experience please can contact me here and I'll be in touch.

Plans, Pricing & Payment

  • Single Session

    Valid for one year
    • 75 minute video session
    • Somatic Exploration
    • Suggestions For Moving Forward
  • Eight 1-1 Sessions

    Buy in Bulk & Commit To Your Own Adventure
    Valid for one year
    • Establishing & Practicing Boundaries
    • Somatic Exploration
    • Defining wants, needs and a clear path forward
    • Deep Self Inquiry
    • Eight 1-1 Video Sessions
  • Own Your Adventure

    Every month
    Weekly 1-1 Sessions
    • one 1-1 video session per week
    • somatic exploration, deep self inquiry
    • Weekly sessions tailored to your individual needs
    • We will create a plan to meet your needs together
  • Maintenance

    Every month
    monthly 1-1 check in
    • Monthly Video Call
    • Somatic Exploration
    • We work with what is present at the time we meet
  • Unfurl & Expand

    Meeting Resistance & Moving Forward
    • one live 1-1 video session per week for 8 consecutive weeks
    • Somatic Exploration
    • Deep Self Inquiry
    • Nervous System Education
    • Weekly sessions tailored to your individual needs
    • We will create a plan to meet your needs together
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