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Ways You Can Support Me While I Help Build Regenerative Culture

In exchange for feel.focus.flow. sessions, circles, events and self paced workshops, your money is received as crowdfunding for Lawa Pono Forest Farm on the Big Island of Hawai'i. When you choose to support yourself with feel.focus.flow not only are you getting the gift of slowing down and creating intimacy with your inner and outer worlds, you are also contributing to cooperative, community farming, food sovereignty and land based learning. Learn more about booking a session here.

Do you wear pants? I am an affiliate with You can get 15% off and support the work we're doing at Lawa Pono Forest Farm when you use the discount code feelfocusflow. I have tried all of their styles and I personally love the tie dye leggings & convertible jumpsuits. My partner Jimmy loves the drawstring pants (and I love borrowing them). Every item you purchase helps to support Lawa Pono Forest Farm while also providing long term jobs and a sustainable income to the artisan community who make happen.

We have a GoFundMe set up for Lawa Pono Forest Farm. Crowdfunding helps us focus on taking care of the inner workings of the farm and contribute to building up our local Ahupua'a

I share photos, updates and stories exclusive to those who contribute and you will get first dibs on visiting/staying on the farm when the guest cabins are built. Contribute to the GoFundMe here 


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