One on One

Individualized Sessions

In a one-on-one session we work together to create a relationship between your awareness and your body's subtle reactions to your experiences and emotions. If you've ever felt highly sensitive, "too much", emotionally intense, dissociated or shut off from your emotions I can help you learn to reclaim agency and move through your life with embodied, confident, conscious action. 


I specialize in teaching you practices to strengthen your mind/body connection and give you nervous system education (creating intimacy with the flight/fight/freeze/fawn cycle) for self knowledge and empowerment. I also specialize in using the same tools for chronic pain management.

Each session is customized for YOU and what you are experiencing on the day we meet. Sessions may include an invitation for movement, Somatic Experiencing®, restorative yoga poses, self touch techniques, breath work, conversation, active listening & reflection, guided meditation and more.

Sessions are held via private zoom room and cost $108/session. If you need financial assistance; please ask.

Embodied Astrology Readings

In Embodied Astrology, we don’t think of the planets as being something outside of ourselves that control our fate and destiny. Rather, each luminary, planet, asteroid and sign has an archetypal energy that represents part of who we are as individuals and bringing awareness to those parts is a step towards embodied self realization. By looking at your birth chart as as an archetypal map of your inner landscape you can begin to discover more about who you are. This is a tool that can help you uncover what you can’t see in order to step into your power and purpose even more.​

All of the signs and planets carry Archetypal information that can lead you towards a fuller expression of who YOU are in this lifetime. Using the time, date and place you were born I can cast a birth chart that shows the planets and asteroids that are major players in your chart and you can learn how they might present in your life.


When I cast your chart I look at both the traditional planets plus several asteroids. By learning more about the archetypal energies and how they express through you, navigation through life becomes more curious and an adventure. Readings are permission givers to be who you are and create an opportunity to step into the driver’s seat of your own journey. Your Embodied Astrology session includes a PDF copy of your Birth Chart, discussion about the archetypal energies present, a video recording of your reading and practices you can do on your own to help you embody what you have discovered about yourself.


Click the button below to email me to schedule your reading; I'll need your birth time, date and place. I spend about two hours studying your chart before we meet in a live, 90 minute video call to go over what was uncovered and share practices/ways to work with what was found.

Cost of Readings: $265

I offer a sliding scale for those who request assistance

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