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The Opposite of Life is not Death

The opposite of living isn’t death, the opposite of living is dissociating from and resisting the natural flow of life.

We are inundated with messages that encourage us to numb out, dissociate and ignore reality in the name of “self care”.

Even the so-called healing practices have become ways to escape in our capitalist landscape. 🧊 ice baths! 🧘🏽‍♀️yoga & meditation! 🫁 breathwork! 🌱 plant medicines!

I’ve been balancing precariously on the periphery of the yoga and wellness world for the last 20 years and I haven’t met many who aren’t just using these practices to succeed at capitalism. This is more than problematic because our collective liberation has nothing to do with capitalist pursuit.

Now, don’t lose the nuance of healthy discernment while you read this. All of those things can be helpful in creating a relationship and resilience within your nervous systems, but without addressing the real-real of our lived, here on earth reality, they’re nothing but a band-aid and they don’t do anything of value if we’re using them to make ourselves feel good about the sick society we live within.

I don’t practice to numb myself from the uncomfortable, painful aspects of life. I practice in order to be fully present with what is happening in the realm of gravity, soil & shit. Because when I’m resourced I have the capacity to impact real, tangible change in my life and in my community.

Want to feel resourced and make an impact? Let’s talk and see how 1-1 sessions with me can help you use your practice, your presence and your empathy to shift the trajectory of our collective future.

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