Tapas: Focus. Discipline. Fortitude.

Tapas is one of the Niyamas, or habits we cultivate to come into greater respect for ourselves and our embodiment.

This photo is me, post sadhana (daily spiritual practice). I almost didn’t take the time to do my practice this morning. I have a full email inbox and people to respond to, there’s cat hair all over my floor, laundry to do and I’m preparing myself and my family for three weeks off the grid. It could’ve been easy to put my practice off and make an excuse that seemed plausible in our hustle, grind culture.

Thankfully the fire in my belly reminded me of why I show up and gave me the opportunity to put Tapas into practice. Now my mind is clear, my body is energized and my breath feels deep and full; I can guarantee that if I had skipped I’d be rushing around, frazzled, trying to complete things while my mind rattled off commands of what needs to be done next.

My daily practice consists of pranayama (breath work), somatic meditation, my physical therapy practices and chanting the Gayatri Mantra to remind me of my inner light. The lovely lady shown over my right shoulder is the Goddess Gayatri. The five faces of Gayatri represent the 5 sheaths covering a Jiva (living being). These sheaths are what we bring awareness to when we practice feel.focus.flow. and Immersion is where you learn to embody these practices. If you’re interested in learning more about how to find flow, check out the links in my bio.

“It is the times of hopeless desperation that shape and mold us into someone of depth.”

~Deborah Adele

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