Mars Square Pluto and an Update From Me

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

“I don't want people's spirituality awakened, I want people awakened to their humanity.”

Each morning before my feet hit the floor I take a moment to feel into what's present for me; I notice dream residue, how my body feels, any thoughts that might be swimming through my mind. This morning the phrase “I don't want people's spirituality awakened, I want people awakened to their humanity.” rang through loud and clear. I can't help but notice, as the veil continues to be pulled away this year, that in our quest to "rise above", "seek higher consciousness" or "be led by a higher power" we have collectively detached ourselves from what we really need this year; our humanity. 

It doesn't matter what flavor of spirituality you prefer, it's likely the interpretations of the teachings are encouraging you to transcend your human bits. Why is this problematic? We can not improve or utilize what we choose to ignore. Humans are fallible, we misinterpret, project and have an inherently hard time with seeing the world past our own perspective. When we recognize and acknowledge this we can take those possibilities into consideration and do something with such important information. When we deny emotions such as anger, rage, fear, shame and guilt and deem them "low vibration" or otherwise undesirable we are limiting the power we have available to us. If we deny our humanity in an effort to be holy, we are abandoning who we are and limiting our ability to engage in action that benefits the whole. We are here, at this distinct moment in time, in a human body; clearly it's meant to be used as more than a meat suit to house our higher consciousness.  

My spirituality may help me define my values, morals and direction, but my body, here on Earth right now, is what allows me to live them.

Retrograde Mars is squaring Pluto direct today; Mars square Pluto is about radical transformation, breaking through patriarchal conditioning and claiming your personal power. If you feel like the phoenix being burned to the ground; good. You need to be willing to become a pile of ashes in order to be reborn. I am highly aware of the dogma embedded in my conditioned mind saying my shame, fear, anger, rage and guilt is best hidden and suppressed because if it should come out clean it would reveal where I have been complicit in upholding the status quo and allowing uneven systems of power to gain control. Those in power are counting on you to keep it all under wraps, to keep the peace and to rise above. We are halfway through the retrograde, this year's astrology is about completing karma seeded long ago and it requires you to be in your body, engaged with Earthly concerns in order to create the shift we all know needs to take place collectively. Now is not the time to dissociate from life, it's time to lean in and get real. Between now and the election, I challenge you to push the envelope, to get a little rowdy, to let the lid off the proverbial raspberry smoothie and revel in the mess you make. As John Lewis reminds us "it's time to make good trouble."

Announcement About Virtual Studio

I will be closing the doors of the studio at the end of the year.

I will continue to write, share, lead small groups and offer one on one sessions, but they will no longer be hosted in the Namastream online studio. If you've been a library subscriber, taken a class or gotten a reading from me in the Namastream studio please make sure to download, screen record or otherwise claim anything you want to save before December 21st 2020. I will not be saving or transferring any of the old material...I'm thinking of it as one of those beautiful mandalas the monks make only to sweep away when finished

It's been a pleasure to be on this ride alongside you and I look forward to what comes next. Lean in friends. We've got this.