Lessons From The Garden

First fruit of the season. Where I grew up, in the Midwest US, it seemed like you could just stick a seed in the ground, it would grow and give you a zillion giant zucchini. Here in California I’m finding the plants need more attention and assistance from me in order to grow.

It hasn’t rained where I live since March so watering with municipal water has been necessary, then came the blossom end rot. Although we amended the soil when we planted it wasn’t enough, I had to feed the plants extra calcium to help them not die before the fruits got bigger than my pinkie finger. Then came the powdery mildew and the ants…I really thought this plant would be a sacrifice back into the land, it’s decomposition contributing to the building of soil for next year.

But no! With care, attention & some assistance from me the plant has made a rebound and has several viable fruits now. This was the only one ready to pick and I will gratefully eat it for breakfast this morning along with two eggs from the lovely hens who live here too.