It's My Birthday

This is 43...

I’ve never really done much to celebrate my birthday over the years so spending it in quarantine doesn’t feel much different to me than any of the others. What does make it different is that this year I am going to ask for something. I am going to ask, if you have the means, to please subscribe to This is the online studio I created about a year and a half ago and my mission is to share practices and teachings that help community members live and express authentically. It’s a place where we can unravel old patterns, claim our inner agency and imagine a new world. In its current incarnation looks to be “just” an online studio but in my imagination it can become so much more. I have dreams of expanding from the ethers with land for permaculture, outdoor education and reconnecting to what it really means to be human. A space to unplug, reconnect to nature and remember who we are. My dream is to have a physical, outdoor space where trauma can be healed and new futures can begin. Will you help me build it?

You can subscribe to using the link below and you’ll get full access to classes, gatherings and recordings. Subscriptions are on a sliding scale so choose what works for you. You can also support by sending a one time gift to me at my PayPal or or @Lori-Glazebrook

My birthday wish is to co-create a new world based in reciprocity and respect for all and I appreciate you being a part of it! Thank you!

Subscribe here:

Sita came in to bomb my photo and I posted the whole progression of photos here because how couldn’t I 😂???