Updated: Dec 7, 2020

It’s not an aesthetically pleasing photo...it looks like a box of dirt. Yet, underneath the soil there are seeds that will turn into carrots and beets one of these days. As I was planting them I was thinking about the magic contained within a seed; as I placed each one beneath the soil and covered them up I felt awe. I acknowledged that the tiny seed will become something that will nourish me and my family in a rather short amount of time. It looks no different now than when I first began...it looks like a box of dirt. Yet inside, under the soil lies magic. Magic that will one day soon become food that I will put into my body. The seeds only need me to show up and water them, they don’t need coaching, worry, prodding or a panel of experts to make them grow. It reminded me of the other types of seeds we plant. Personal seeds of change, inspiration, dreams and love. It reminded me of the collective seeds we’re planting right now, the seeds of personal agency, collaboration and equality. As I planted the seeds I didn’t worry about whether they would sprout or “work” because I trust in the magic of the seeds and the beauty of the process. I showed up, I did my part, I’ll continue to water my seeds with patience and love and have faith that they will indeed sprout. All seeds work like this. All of life works like this. Plant your seeds, give them water, light and love and one day, when the timing is perfect, they will sprout. It can be easy to get disheartened when all you see is a box of dirt; that’s why it’s so important to remember the magic of the seed.