Dismantling The Patriarchy

I’m sitting this morning (again) with the knowledge that for years I’ve sat in circles with countless women discussing the horrors of patriarchy and the trauma that was encoded in our ancestral DNA during the burning times. Together we’ve unpacked shame and fear and the desire to become invisible in order to be safe. I’ve listened to declarations of commitment to healing the wounds of the ancestors, to claiming voice and power. I’ve heard the cries to dismantle the patriarchy and affirmations repeated to encourage stepping into personal power as the body remembers those who were drowned or burned for not upholding and conforming to Puritan values, yet I see those same voices silent when now there are Black bodies at the stake.

If this is you I offer a reminder: You cannot be liberated until everyone is liberated. If you are not dismantling the patriarchy in all of its forms you are practicing hypocrisy.

Image of woman burning at the stake entitled: “Burn Her” by Ailinon on deviantArt