Decolonizing Astrology: Libra

The other day I reached out to an astrologer friend of mine, Marcia Wade: the soul sister behind Star Sister Astrology, to discuss the ways astrology has been hijacked by the culture of domination and how those of us who use astrology may be inadvertently upholding systems of oppression, domination and trauma without being fully aware. We decided to record our talk so we could share it with those of you who are following a similar path of reclamation and decolonizing of your personal practices. The theme of this first conversation revolves around the energy of Libra: we discuss DNA evidence that lets us know more about ancient cultures, domination ideology, trauma, the nervous system, capitalism, the need to collectively embrace nuance and how to navigate the path forward. Pour yourself a drink and settle in to listen to this necessary conversation as we explore the realm of relationship.