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Community Conversations: Lori & Penpa

Welcome to community conversations where we talk about our experiences with shifting the way we move through life, create community and reimagine culture. My conversation today is with Penpa Dolma. When Penpa Dolma was four and half years old, her family fled their home-country of Tibet. Finding safety in India, they enrolled Penpa in a boarding school for children of Tibetan refugees. The school, founded by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and his sisters, provided safe space and educational growth for Penpa over the next 14 years.

In her environment, education—both Western and Eastern styles—was a means of supporting the healing of both society and self. As such, her lessons and experiences were rooted in the nurturing of young people who would grow into globally responsible citizens. Their collective charge was to preserve Tibetan tradition,culture and language, and to use their academic knowledge and Buddhist foundation to better the world through uplifting work.

In this unscripted conversation we talked about everything from gift economy, working on a sliding scale, shame and the ultimate experience of being human. We appreciate you for being here, like a frog in the tree, listening to our conversation.

Penpa Dolma is the founder of innovative yogis and creator of Yoga of Inconvenient Truths. You can find her on instagram at @yogaofinconvenienttruths and @Innovative Yogis. Learn how to work with Penpa at the Innovative Yogis website here.

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