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A Reminder

You are not a continuous self help project and you are not broken.

The way you experience the world is not wrong if it doesn't fit into an ideology that defies human nature.

Instead of focusing on healing, fixing, transcending, what if you practiced so you can be aware of, and have access to, your humanity?

What the world needs now is humane humans.

Connect to yourself, the land and one another. Slow down, simplify your life as much as you can and remember you are human.

We learn about life in both beautiful and messy ways. We are life after all, which is beautiful, messy and everything in between.

Many of us were raised to believe that messy is shameful or "bad". That's not true. It's time to let life (which includes you) be a beautiful mess.

Wishing you flow in the chaos of life,


Lori 🌿

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