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A Peek Into My Weekend

What did you do this weekend to help you get closer to living the life you dream to live? We spent some time increasing the amount of power our solar system puts out at the forest farm. Our single panel system worked well during the sunny summer months but now that the sun is lower in the sky and the rainy season is settling in we need more energy to do what we want to do.

I can’t help but think about our human nervous system and how our capacity also shifts with the seasons. Shutting down and going dark isn’t a sustainable solution for the long haul so it’s essential to have practices that work to create energy for when you need it and allow you to use the capacity you do have efficiently.

If you find yourself depleted without backup, I can help you increase your capacity in 1-1 sessions. If you’re looking to generate more power or use the power you have more effectively, send me a message and let’s talk. When you choose to work with me you’re also supporting the building and running of Lawa Pono Forest Farm 🌳🌱🫶🏼

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