Everyday Trauma

We often think of trauma as being caused by something “big” like war, poverty, conscious neglect, a car accident, divorce, death or severe abuse but the reality is that trauma isn't an experience or a story; it's the energy left behind. Trauma is unexpressed energy held in the body that can cause a wide range of interference in our lives. It can prevent us from having meaningful relationships; unexpressed energy can create chronic pain, cause anxiety and exacerbate depression.

Ways in which energy can be left unexpressed:

Emotional Retardation: If we were punished as children for expressing our emotions our nervous system learned it was unsafe to express and therefore we learned to shut down and suppress causing our emotional capacity to be stunted.

Unconscious Neglect: Even if our parents loved us and did their best to provide a safe, loving home for us, most of "civilized" culture normalizes leaving infants in states of terror for the sake of encouraging independence & "self soothing". An infant’s inability to have their needs met while left to scream themselves to sleep causes energy to be left behind.

Scarcity: Our culture promotes a lack mentality, one where we are hoarding for our future and ever-consuming to keep our economy strong. There's never enough and many people are going through the motions, working to retire so they can finally "live the dream".

Conformity: Adhering to cultural norms that go against who we are at the core of our being causes energy to go unexpressed. Wherever we keep ourselves small or hide who we really are in order to fit in and be liked causes energy to stagnate and get stuck within the body.

Energy not expressed is stored in the body due to fear and immobility. It doesn't matter whether we are immobilized when faced by a Grizzly bear or standing up to our boss who's been taking advantage of us for years. Our nervous systems vary in their capacity to hold certain experiences and it's our nervous system that determines what is done with the energy of each experience.

The good news is our brains have neuroplasticity, which means we have the ability to change our brains and we can expand the nervous systems capacity through practice.

feel.focus.flow.™ as a practice, helps to expand your capacity to stay present in the here and now and can help to loosen and untie these energetic patterns and reclaim your life.


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