New Moon in Pisces

New Moons are about new beginnings and as I feel into the coming Pisces moon, that will be exact Wednesday March 6th at 9:05am MST, I am feeling the call to shift forward; how about you? With Sun, Moon, Neptune & Vesta All conjunct in Pisces there is a great deal of watery, mystical energy present and when there’s this much water present it’s important to allow ourselves to be carried by the current of the river rather than fight to swim back upstream.

Neptune is the planet of the Higher Heart and is about unconditional Love. This archetypal energy is altruistic, transcendent and connected to the Divine/Unconscious allowing us to tap into our imagination and Divinely inspired creative expression. This watery archetype dissolves into the spiritual and mystical, releasing ego boundaries and merging into oneness. This New Moon in Pisces is asking us to look at where there is codependency in our relationships, where we are using spiritual practices to “transcend”, “heal” or otherwise bypass human emotions, where we are bliss seeking and not accepting suffering as a normal piece of the human puzzle. With all of this Neptune energy it is important to discern fear from fantasy, to see where we are operating out of illusion, delusion, denial or avoidance of reality.

Notice when you “check out” and/or turn to addictions to do so; when you notice this bring your awareness directly into your heart. Neptune’s unconditional love doesn’t come from negating the emotions, it comes from a deep compassion and acceptance for ALL that is.

Vesta is a Sacred priestess; the Keeper of the Flame. She is the flame of the inner Temple which resides within each thread of energy within our system. From the Sky above into the Earth below, from the center of our own being out into the ethers. Vesta represents kundalini energy within the body which can be harnessed with devotion towards a sacred or altruistic cause. Distorted Vesta can show up in using work for egoic compensation, becoming a workaholic and sacrificing pleasure for the pursuit of something that does not nourish the Soul. Vesta is the vestal virgin; the sovereign feminine energy within each of us that holds the deep wisdom of ALL creation. She reminds us to keep the flame of our innermost Temple lit and well tended.

Change is the theme of this year and it’s time we open our perspective and see where it can take us. We have more shift on the horizon but it’s all towards building something from the Highest Self. Discomfort and unknowing are something to get acquainted with as we can expect to continue to shed layers between now and the coming Equinox. It will be of the utmost importance to keep your inner flame well tended! Use the tools you have to self regulate, breathe and stay present with what is rather than what used to be or what could be.

All Aspects in this new moon chart are occurring at the top of the chart. This is the area of the chart in Shamanic Astrology that symbolize the underworld. What is beneath the surface is what is communicating with us the loudest during this New Moon Cycle. In this new moon chart Aries is just under the surface of the horizon and I have been feeling into this sign since Chiron moved-in mid February. Chiron carries the archetypal energy of the wounded healer, the prophet and the shaman. He is the guardian of wounding, healing, awareness, consciousness, spiritual evolution and kundalini awakening. When he shifted into Aries he entered the same sign as Eris the warrior goddess who reveals discord and chaos; she has been making potent aspects with Pluto for the last few weeks giving us the chance to see where we are out of balance in terms of power and she’s not going away anytime soon. The archetype of the wounded healer joins signs with the Dark Warrior Goddess who wants nothing less than the Truth and is in tension with Pluto in order to reveal what is ready to be transformed. There is great Awakening potential for those willing to see what’s under the surface and do the work to see the roles we’ve been playing.

What I see here is a gathering of very potent archetypal energies in the sign of the warrior ushering in a new paradigm. Eris square Pluto is calling us to bring awareness to any power over/power under dynamics playing out in our lives. Both our outer life and our inner life as well; where are we sacrificing a part of ourselves in order to maintain power dynamics that promote our perception of safety and security? Our inner Eris is asking us to look at where we’re adhering to old structures or ways of being that are actually limiting our potential and keeping us small. These transformations are ushering in the awakening energy of Uranus who is moving into Taurus in the early hours of Wednesday so that we may face our deepest wounds and grow into our next form in a way that serves all forms of life on this planet. Uranus in Taurus is asking us to revolutionize the way we relate to our security, material possessions and our finances. As a culture, our addiction to owning things, spending money and making money at the expense of our health and the planet is out of balance. Uranus in Taurus is giving us a chance to let go of what we hold on to, out of perceived safety and security, that does not serve us and perhaps only serves those who hold ALL the power and money. Pay attention to what is shifting or changing in your value system right now, not only are we shifting in terms of power and money dynamics, we are awakening to more Earth centric values. There is a deep need to be honoring the environment and all of Earth’s creatures as much as we honor people and MORE than we honor things. When we call upon the great awakening energy from within, lead from our highest heart and let our inner warrior fight for compassion, LOVE WINS.

As if there wasn’t already enough astrology pointing us into our inner world, Mercury went retrograde at the karmic 29th degree of Pisces, in the final sign of the zodiac this morning at 11:19am MST. This speaks to huge karmic completions and the need to navigate with awareness is REAL! This Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down, review, revise and revisit our inspiration, spirituality, intuition, fantasy, fears and connection to the Unconscious. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and he serves as the psychopomp when in his retrograde journey. Slow down, listen and let your soul be carried to the next leg on your journey.

We have a full moon cycle of LIFE ahead of us and it’s wise to navigate consciously. Tune in to the live streams/recordings and follow the monthly practices in and find the tools necessary to FLOW.

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