Change is Inevitable

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

You know that old saying "the only thing constant in life is change"? IT IS SO TRUE!!!! There's a reason I have chosen the Phoenix to represent me and the transformational energy that feel.focus.flow. embodies! We often think about the phoenix's greatness in its ability to Rise from the ashes yet we seldom recognize that before it may rise something must first burn down.

feel.focus.flow. and I are in a state of transformation and rebirth right now. So much has been in flux since the eclipse early this year and this Aquarius moon has brought nothing but revolution and change so far! It's been amazing! Oftentimes change comes with both disappointment and opportunity and this change is definitely one of those times. Next week Tuesday 2/26, Thursday 2/28 and Saturday 3/2 will be my last public classes being held at Soul Tree. I've been at Soul Tree since 2013, managed the studios and nurtured it's growth from one studio to two. I watched it blossom from a gangly little branch to what it is today. A part of me is sad to not be on the weekly schedule of this beloved community anymore and there's another part that is eager and excited to see what opportunities lie ahead!

For those of you who are concerned about where you're going to get your feel.focus.flow. practice, don't worry. Dominick Antonelli and I have some community magic up our sleeves for you this spring and summer, I'm working on new recordings, podcasts AND videos and You can join online to have unlimited access to practices all month long.

Change is inevitable; it is uncomfortable but it is not unnavigable. We can always find that pause to rest in the space in between the inhale and the exhale breath. Let's find ourselves there together; shall we?

All that is inside of me honors and sees All that is inside of each of you ~

If you're local I'd LOVE to see you in class next week or for tea at ESCC; I'm not going anywhere!

Soul Tree Yoga

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am @Simpson

Saturday 10am @South

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