Listening To The Universe

Over the years I have been given many opportunities to listen to a force outside of the voice inside of my head...Whether it was the nudge 20 years ago to pack up my two and four year olds with everything that could fit in my car and move 1,000 miles across the country or ten years later when I heard the distinct, if not seemingly insane, message to take my then three kids and move back to Chicago to marry the Love of My Life. When I argued with my logic this time a voice distinctly said "you'll be back"; three years later I was. I have learned throughout the years to Trust in a force much greater than my logical mind. Sure, I've struggled. I've had my heart hollowed out by grief and I am very familiar with what it feels like to try and make ends meet. I have also experienced the most profound Love and Joy that I could ever imagine and I share a closeness with my children that I wouldn't trade for the world. My point in sharing this with you is to open your mind to the concept of letting go of the reins you may have on your logical thinking mind and be open to receiving wisdom from something greater. Both times everyone around me told me I was crazy, that I was making a monumental mistake, that I was ruining my life. My logical mind second guessed my choices and I still chose to follow the impulse to make my move. I can't say exactly what made me follow my intuition other than a deep knowing that if I didn't my Soul would suffer. There have been many examples of this throughout my life but the two I have shared happen to be the two events that seemed the most illogical choices at the time yet have proven to bring the most blessings into my life. Recently, I have received another message from the Universe. This time it came in an unexpected way, it's not asking me to pack up my car and move; in fact, I'm not sure what is being asked of me...yet.

This past August I spent a week in San Diego, on retreat, with two of my teachers; eight hour days of serious practice, meditation and deep self inquiry. On the last day of the retreat my friend and I went to the beach to integrate our experience and as we were walking the shoreline I spotted a black rock in my path. As soon as my eyes spotted it, I felt a flutter from within and a realization "that is lava". A moment later the lava rock pictured above was in my hand and my friend and I were commenting on the distance that it must've traveled to end up at my feet in San Diego. The moment the rock was in my hand I knew that I was back in the same energy that has carried me on my journey so many times before. About a month after I returned from San Diego I had two roundtrip tickets to Hawaii land in my lap and I am off to return the lava rock to the land She came from next week. This Hawaii trip is piggy backing a weekend in San Diego with the same teachers I was with before the rock came to me...My body is covered in tingles as I type this. The synchronicity is beautiful; isn't it? I have been meditating with this piece of hardened molten Earth for the last four months, listening for clues as to why it was brought to me or why I am being called to Hawaii. The message I keep receiving is Trust, Open and Allow yourself to be shown the next step. SO, that's what I am doing. I know I am embarking on another life changing adventure, I have been in this space before and I am familiar with the fear, uncertainty and doubt that comes with it. My logical mind is so uncomfortable with the unknown even though I have been shown time and again that it is in surrender where the deepest gifts are realized. I don't know why I am being called to Hawaii or what I will find out about myself while I am there, but I know when the Universe is speaking to me and I've learned to listen. My hope is that YOU will learn to listen too.

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