Guiding Elements of feel.focus.flow.™

I have been getting a lot of questions about why this practice in particular is different from other yoga or embodiment practices. What makes it a healing practice? What can I expect in a feel.focus.flow.™ class? How can incorporating this practice into my life benefit me? What if I haven't done yoga before?

I've created this blog post to help shed some light on what the guiding elements for feel.focus.flow.™ are. The only way to understand the practice completely is to experience it yourself, each time is unique and everyone has their own stories to tell but each encounter with this practice contains the same basic Elements...

Guiding Elements of feel.focus.flow.™

  • Becoming Comfortable with your sense of Interoception to help you Feel and Understand what is going on within your body.

  • Engaging with fascia as a sensory organ, combining interoception with somatic practice to begin to release fascia.

  • Develop a Curiosity in how the body responds to Mood and language. Being aware of our state and learning how movement can shift our state.

  • Expand the Nervous System’s Capacity to Hold experiences, sensations and emotions.

  • Emphasis on cueing the Felt Experience of whole body movement. When initiating a movement in one part how does the rest of the body respond?

  • Simple, focused, Permissive Cues that encourage Self Discovery and Open Hearted Curiosity.

  • Pandiculation: stretching and stiffening of the core, arms and legs, opening and widening the jaw, yawning, and other primal self restoring practices like bouncing, pulsing, rocking, rolling, shrugging, discovering, and sensing.

  • Spanda; Sacred Tremor: Micro engagement of the muscles to elicit a pulsing or tremor response from the body and Allowing the body to shake to Release tension, trauma and energetic holding patterns

  • Emphasis on Balance...finding it from within, using the wall or props when needed

  • Use of balls as self-massage tools

  • Vulnerability: Exhibiting this trait yourself creates Empathy and opens the doors so it can be expressed by others

  • Sequencing- Dropping in, Activating the Pranic Body, Honoring the mental and emotional body, guided intuitive movement through different perspectives: Standing, asymmetrical exploration, symmetrical exploration, inner hip rotation, outer hip rotation, holding sensation, exploring the balance between freedom and holding, core activation (front body and back body), Opening the leg lines, the space around the pelvis and the heart.

feel.focus.flow.™ as a practice has the potential to offer you a doorway into your own Healing. The practice contains elements that help to heal and expand your nervous system, release patterns of trauma and tension held within your body, increase Awareness and live a fuller life. This practice puts you back into touch with your innate human senses and instincts while connecting you to your higher sense of awareness and Intuition.

​Born from my own personal practice and healing journey rooted in the rich soil of Tantra and Shamanism, feel.focus.flow.™ is accessible to anyone with an open heart and an open mind regardless of yoga experience, body style or gender. feel.focus.flow.™ is a Trauma Informed practice for EVERYONE who wants to Evolve.

Have questions? Send me a message or write in the comments below. I hope to See you soon!