The Path

What is the Path?

So often we wonder whether we are on our path, we spend money on workshops promising to uncover our purpose; it’s like a holy grail quest for many yet it is as simple as life itself. I like to use the analogy of school when discussing my interpretation of the spiritual path because it’s something that most of us can relate to; it helps our logical brains understand the concepts better.

What follows is my own personal interpretation of what “The Path” is. This is an interpretation rooted in 18 years of practice and teachings received from many incredible teachers, however I feel it necessary to tell you to hold it to your own internal fire to determine if it feels right for you. Feel free to take or leave whatever you need as you imagine being a Soul waiting in the Earth School “Guidance Office” for your “class schedule” in your next incarnation. Your class schedule is the equivalent to your karma here. We come into each life with certain lessons we need to learn; each “lesson” is based upon what wasn’t experienced or mastered in the lifetimes before. We also come into this lifetime with a whole set of gifts that we’ve accumulated over previous incarnations; some come naturally and others need