The Path

What is the Path?

So often we wonder whether we are on our path, we spend money on workshops promising to uncover our purpose; it’s like a holy grail quest for many yet it is as simple as life itself. I like to use the analogy of school when discussing my interpretation of the spiritual path because it’s something that most of us can relate to; it helps our logical brains understand the concepts better.

What follows is my own personal interpretation of what “The Path” is. This is an interpretation rooted in 18 years of practice and teachings received from many incredible teachers, however I feel it necessary to tell you to hold it to your own internal fire to determine if it feels right for you. Feel free to take or leave whatever you need as you imagine being a Soul waiting in the Earth School “Guidance Office” for your “class schedule” in your next incarnation. Your class schedule is the equivalent to your karma here. We come into each life with certain lessons we need to learn; each “lesson” is based upon what wasn’t experienced or mastered in the lifetimes before. We also come into this lifetime with a whole set of gifts that we’ve accumulated over previous incarnations; some come naturally and others need some awakening and cultivating to come to life. All of these lessons and gifts are put into your “karmic backpack” and you are sent along your way to be born into a human body with your own unique karmas to work with in this lifetime.

From the moment you are born Life is providing you with the exact “curriculum” you need to live out your karmas. You move through life being handed exactly the curriculum you need in order to fulfill your schedule in Earth School. Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn more about yourself (Self Realization). There is not a single moment where we are not on our path. There may be times, or lifetimes, where we aren’t paying attention and have no idea there was a test that day. I’ve heard that only 25% of the population at any given point is meant to “wake up” at a time. This means that not everyone on the planet is going to be conscious of what their path is or even question why they are here. For those of us that are guided towards the awakening of a deeper meaning to life, there comes a moment where we begin to realize that there’s simply more to life than what we have been doing. Once we realize this, we can begin to move through our class schedule consciously. We can begin to approach each challenge as an opportunity to master the lessons presented to us.

As we progress along our path the lessons we learn can get progressively more challenging; this can be looked at as something positive or negative. We always have choice in all that we do. This lifetime is only one in an entire collection of lifetimes we will live. This lifetime’s lesson is a progression of past lifetimes and will be a predecessor of the next. We have multiple lifetimes to complete our curriculum; Earth School is Self Paced. Because we are human and we are not always aware of our karmas unfolding or accumulating, our karmic backpack shifts and changes. As lessons are mastered karmas are removed; your load gets lighter and sometimes our experiences in life cause us to add to our backpack. Every once in a while it’s necessary to get in there and “clean out” your backpack. This is where shadow work comes into play; we metaphorically go into our karmic backpack (subconscious) and clean out old patterns, programs, stories (karmas) that are keeping up from fulfilling our schedule. Through a process of conscious navigation of life and relationships plus deep introspective work we can make our time in Earth School as enjoyable as possible. If you are breathing you are on your path; whether you navigate it consciously and do your “homework” is your choice.

How are you doing in this semester of Earth School? What are you learning? How can you get even more out of you time here?

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