Leading With Love

The other day, I was asked the question “What does it mean to lead with Love?” for me to lead with Love means to be coming from a place in which the only motive is to Serve the highest good. Leading from Love can look like having an interaction with someone with differing viewpoints, or even in my opinion, disturbing viewpoints and recognizing that for that person, for whatever reason, that is their truth. I don't know what experiences shaped another's point of view and as hard as I may try to empathize I don't know what another has experienced in their lives causing them to feel the way that they do...It also looks like honoring another person's place on their path as their own individual journey; I can't expect them to be somewhere they are not. For me, it means not resorting to shame, name calling or even talking past the point where the other is no longer listening as my own wounds bubble under the surface wanting to lash out. This is not to say that Love is never dealt with the sharp edge of a sword. It often is. Whether it is a mother protecting her child or a badass warrior protecting Her Home Planet, her fierceness is fueled not by a desire to heal her own wounding but rather to defend and protect the greater good. It's a tricky balance, a delicate dance. It's one that I practice daily. Through my practice I have come to find that a HUGE component to all of this is vulnerability. We must be vulnerable if we are to lead with Love...that's how we show our hearts ❤️ Sometimes it's in our vulnerability where we find our deepest courage. It's fucking hard to be a vulnerable warrior!

I believe that we are all co-creating a new way of living; some call it the new paradigm. In order for this dream to become reality we must begin to look at all the ways we are switching out one controller for another...deeming one ideology superior over another simply causes the power/control to shift from one person to another. We have had the opportunity to witness this; it’s fairly easy to see if we look back through history. When we judge, exclude and deem “messed up” or “wrong” we aren’t creating change; we are creating a battle.

In order to create change we must change within ourselves and that starts with Love. How do you lead with Love? What does it look like for you?