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I returned last night from a week long road trip with 2 amazing Mystery School sisters. We drove from Colorado to Sedona for a ReWilding for Women weekend workshop to work in Big Mamma Eclipse Energies with 55 other beautiful women and as it was said by one Beloved Sister, "If you stood to simply witness the things happening inside that room, that sacred, held space, it might scare your socks off, or your panties for that matter." ReWilding is not for the faint of heart, it is not something that you pick up and set down as you wish; it's something that gets into the very cells of your being. It reminds you of who you are at the most primal and authentic level and asks that you step into your Allness. And when you think you've done that, it asks you to go even bigger and deeper into the Truth of who you are. What does that look like? For me, it looks like letting go of any preconceived ideas about what is "acceptable behavior" as I allow emotions and energy to move through my body. It looks like allowing that energy to express in the most authentic way possible whether that means I am embodying the tornado that is Kali while tears, sweat, drool, snot, and sounds I've never heard myself make before are released from my body or dancing in a blissed out state feeling the energy swirl in my womb and travel up my spine in the most decadent way. It also looks like 3 grown women laughing so hard in a hotel room that the possibility of peeing your pants becomes real; cheeks hurting, belly quivering, realizing that the last time you allowed yourself to do this was decades ago...I've spent this last week reminding myself of what it truly feels like to be human. I've said "fuck you" to the rules that say how a 40 year old woman "should act" in public and danced and laughed and sang and cried with my Sisters.

At the end of the weekend I was asked for two words to describe what I felt in that moment and the only words that came to heart were "it's happening". We are waking up, we are seeing how we've been quieted and shamed. We're recognizing how we've been taught to compete with one another and how we've been kept from living our lives as fully as possible. We are waking up to all the ways in which we've been held captive and we are breaking free.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you thought you were going to pee or danced like no one was watching? When was the last time you let yourself feel into the depth of your sadness or your anger without judging yourself or shutting yourself down? What's holding you back from allowing your energy to express in its truest most authentic form? It's happening friends, we are waking up and we are stepping into our Allness...Are you with me?

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