Raised In Captivity

I have been watching for a while now, sitting back and observing the unfolding of the current craziness of the world that we live in and I can't help but notice how we have all been living a dystopian novel without even realizing it. To me it has been interesting to watch as one by one layers of our captivity have been revealed while so many are still under the spell of repression. I set an intention this year to speak what I see, to share my perspective even if it seems weird, out there, conspiracy theorist or batshit crazy because I realize that the more I share my thoughts the more I encourage people to think about what they think. Because, you see, one of the effects of our captive raising is that our thoughts and beliefs are often not our own. From the ways companies market to us to the way we are educated, the ideas that run our daily lives don't come from our own deep inner wisdom but from something we heard from someone else a long time ago. We were taught that the Earth was unimportant and that our bodies were simply machines to be pushed towards breaking. We were taught to value the dollar more than our free time and we were taught to compete with each other for "limited" resources. We were taught that we were not enough and that we couldn't be too much. We were taught to listen to "experts" instead of our intuition and we believed that we were wrong and they were right. We were taught to hold trauma in our bodies when they said that to shake and dance was a sin, something to be ashamed of. They hushed our voices when they taught us that good girls don't yell and big boys don't cry. They taught us to fear authority so much that even when all of our freedoms are being threatened we don't have the capacity to do more than whimper and protest like adolescents when standing up and REALLY making a scene seems too dangerous.

The Truth is that if we all woke up tomorrow morning with our innate human instincts intact, our stories of lack gone, our limiting beliefs eradicated the world as we know it would be radically different. When enough people wake up and remember how much power they truly hold those that have been the captors no longer have captives fueling their game. Rage become sacred and REAL CHANGE occurs.

I have spent time looking within myself to see all the ways my captive raising has been keeping me limited and I've filtered through the beliefs and the stories to determine which are mine and which belong to the system that is keeping us small and I've decided that I'm done. I'm done staying small. I'm done letting fear drive and from here on out my mission is to reclaim all that is instictfully mine and to help others reclaim what is theirs too.

Take a look around you and within you; what do you see?

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