New Year Revolution

So, let me begin by saying that I would never claim myself an astrologer. I have been casually "studying" it for the last several years and this year I've made my studies more serious. Inspired by Sabrina Lynn's Livestream over at ReWilding For Women concerning the astro for the coming year, I decided to take a peek myself. When I look at charts, I like to think of them as an archetypal map into the Self. I look at "who" is hanging out where and with "who" as a way to delve deeper into my own Self discovery. Today I looked at the chart for the coming year...I set the time and location of "birth" for this new year to be 11:00am MST in Lafayette, CO because this is where Meg and I will be leading the 6th annual New Years Revolution; a powerful ritual practice of honoring the past year and setting intentions for the year to come. I decided to share what I found in the map for the coming year because I see it as incredibly supportive for the journey that so many of us are on.

Kali & Hygeia are hanging out with Parvati & Juno….Parvati & Juno are all about Divine Union; they know how to be in sacred union. It is their Divine nature to be balanced and holding “it all”. Kali, you are familiar with if you read my post here…she slices through our bullshit with her sword of Truth…no playing small allowed! Hygeia is a beautiful kundalini goddess of healing…she is the one who turned Medusa’s poison blood into a healing serum that would “awaken you from the dead”= kundalini rising. So, we have the support of 2 transformative Goddesses who can help us release any of the “bullshit” keeping us from rising into our highest union with the Divine within. This is all happening in the 11th house, so look to your relationships, interactions with your community, social groups and even the realm of your dreams and wishes for where some of these transformative lessons can occur.

In addition to these powerful transformative goddesses, Ceres The Great Mother Goddess, goddess of the birth of spring and fertility is conjunct the north node. She’s sitting there hanging out with the node of soul purpose and destiny. Whatever seeds we decide to plant have the potential to be nourished by The Great Mother IF our intentions are for the highest good and truly aligned with our Soul’s purpose; she will rain down on our intentions so that they flourish and GROW. If we are not in alignment with our Soul’s purpose then Ceres also holds the power to “not let it rain” what we try to manifest won’t come to harvest because we ‘re leading from our wounding or from our ego. It is important for us to ask ourselves; is this really what my Soul wants for me or am I trying to fit into a structure that is outdated? Which brings me to Saturn...

I also see Saturn conjunct the MC; the pinnacle of the chart. This is the point in the chart that points to the purpose/life path, also success, goals and the mark on the world. Saturn is Chronos; the father of linear time. He is the patriarchy, he is about structure, rules, the one who goes it alone…the mountain goat climbing to the top of the mountain. Now, if the Saturn energy is balanced these traits can lead us even deeper towards our path…however, most of us have distorted Saturn because….look at our collective…we are that mountain goat all the time…there is no softening. The structure is rigid. Saturn is also a teacher. He’s about endings, closure, karma, integrity and lessons.

*EDIT I'm adding this tidbit to this post following a dream I had last night prompting me to take a look at Chiron...Chiron is on the Ascendant of this chart; the part of the chart that speaks to our role in the world, the Soul's journey on its path. Chiron is the wounded healer. In the myth he was a centaur who was accidentally wounded by an arrow soaked in hydras blood. This wound caused him permanent pain and suffering and he used his pain and suffering to gain empathy and compassion for others experiencing suffering of their own. He "healed" himself by coming into relationship with his own pain and wounding and helped lead others towards their own healing.

Looking at all of the players for this chart, I see this coming year as a good opportunity to work with Saturn’s teacher qualities, to notice where we hold too rigid to old ideas and structures. It’s a year to let Kali and Hygeia work their magic by listening to the subtle clues that tell us we need to shift and adapt before Kali needs to bust out her big sword. We can stand in the energy of Chiron to come into right relationship to our suffering and allow our wounds to be the impetus for how we relate to others and to plant seeds that pull us towards our destiny, seeds that allow us to be in Service of the highest good.

May your intentions be rooted in the highest good, may the seeds you plant awaken your True Divine Essence so that you can Serve the World.

If you're in Colorado, I'd love to have you share a ritual practice to root into these energies so that your intentions for the coming year are taking you in the direction of your Soul's True Path. If it's calling to you pre-register online; this one sells out every year.

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