Into The Darkness

I haven't written on my blog in a while because honestly, I haven't wanted to. I've been feeling extra introverted for the last month and my senses have been drawing me inward. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the dark moon time of the year, the time where the sun spends less time in the sky and our day's hours are filled with more dark than light. During this turn of the wheel we are being asked by Mother Earth to go deep within and sit with the parts of self that aren't always nourished during the busier more light filled times of the year and ironically it is the time of year that our culture and society calls us out of our caves and asks us to engage and turn our focus outward.

Several years ago I felt myself drawing further and further away from the hustle and bustle of commercialized holiday celebration and found myself seeking out more quiet, alone time as well as real, live connection with those that I love. Each year at this time, I allow myself to pull back from doing and fall into the essence of being. I don't go to parties that won't fill my cup, and I don't force myself to do something that doesn't feel right for me. I go to bed earlier and I try to keep my schedule so that it has room to breathe. I know that as the sun begins to spend more time in the sky I too will naturally want to spend more time and energy outward so I don't force it right now. I honor this cycle by surrendering into the inward draw with patience and gratitude knowing that soon the sun will rise and then it will be time to express more of myself out into the world and because of the time spent in reflection, I will have so much more to give.

Feel into your heart right now, what does it need? Can you give yourself permission to gives yourself what you need during this sacred time?

Honor this sacred time in the dark, give yourSelf what you need to recharge and renew so that when the sun returns, you will have so much more to give too.