The Guru Within You

The mantra from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad has always been one of my favorites, I've always felt it as a call to the inner guru. A call to the place within each and every one of us that holds deep wisdom and knowing.

From the unreal lead me to the Real

From the darkness, lead me to the Light

From death, lead me to Immortality

Please help me to release my stories, the structures that culture, society and my own mind have placed upon me. Remind me that what I see is only a small snapshot of the greater picture, it's only one piece of the 1,000,000,000 piece puzzle. My assumptions, presumptions, aversions, attachments and expectations exist only within these self imposed structures. Lead me away from my stories and limitations towards freedom and limitless potential.

Please help me uncover all that I don't know about myself and the world around me. Show me that the more I come to know there is still so much more to learn. Illuminate where I am subconsciously hiding my True Nature. Shine a light to all of the places within that contain hidden aspects of who I truly am. Help me to embrace all of my darkness as uncharted territory, new places to explore and expand into so that I may leave no stone unturned in my quest to know myself as deeply as I can.

Please remind me of my infinite nature, my eternal spark of energy that can not be destroyed. Let me see the many ways in which I have already died and been reborn. Lead me towards that deep inner knowing that trusts in the destruction that must take place in order for something greater to be birthed into this world.

When I chant this mantra in Sanskrit, I feel it as a call to my Highest Self to help me release my self-imposed bounds and limits so that I may realize my True Nature. Most of the time we are letting our stories, our wounds and our attachments run our lives. The goal of Yoga is Self Realization...Self Realization means just that; to realize the Self. It isn't a state off planet that we reach when we've logged enough meditation hours; Self Realization comes when we are able to peel back the layers and become intimate with who we are at our very core, it arrives when we discover the beauty, the power and the gifts that we hold within our own essence. This call to the inner Divine has the potency to draw you deep within the layers towards your True Self. Who are you beneath the stories? What gifts are lurking in the shadows? What if the only limitations you have are the ones you place upon yourself?

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