Why I don't like the term "Toxic Masculinity"

I have been seeing the term "Toxic Masculinity" being strewn all over social media lately. It is what is being blamed for everything wrong in the world and I can hear the hiss in the tone in which it is written, I can taste the metallic blood drawn in the energetics of the poster's words. I can feel her rage, her grief and her desire to be met inside of the space in between each letter she typed. I can see the frustration and the anger arise from the women who are questioning why they are not being met by the men in their life; they are wondering why are men not willing to come into discussion about the toxicity of their masculinity? They ask how are we going to heal this if MEN don't own their part?

Before I go on, let me lay the foundation for you by diving into a little yogic wisdom...There are two major forces at play at all times both within ourselves and without; the Masculine and the Feminine. Shiva/Shakti, Sun/Moon, Solar/Lunar, Yang/Yin. Both of these forces play an equally important role in the balan