Sacred Ground

Most of us are familiar with what it means to be in sacred space or to stand on sacred ground. We take off our shoes before entering a Temple or step into the yoga room, we wouldn't eat our lunch sitting in a pew at church, and we wouldn't desecrate a burial ground or ancient ruins. Perhaps there are pieces of your routine that you consider sacred; your morning coffee or tea, your time spent in meditation, a hike in the woods, your yoga practice or a hot bath at the end of a long day. We tend to protect what we find sacred, we hold it close to our hearts and we can feel that reverence is asked for when we enter into the sacred, there's a quiet honoring and an awareness of our presence in that space.

Feel into that word for a moment: Sacred. What sensations arise in your body when you allow the energy of the word to move into your being with your breath? What emotions are present for you? Does your hand go instinctively to your heart or do you close your eyes? What is sacred to you?

I believe that every moment of my life is sacred; every b