What The World Needs Is a (R)Evolution

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

For many of us, our first reaction to what has been happening in our world is to look outside of ourselves; we cast blame at gun laws, the president, the republicans, the democrats, the culture, the oppression, the repression, capitalism, consumerism, the cosmos. We often feel fearful, enraged or helpless when we see news of mass shootings, threats of nuclear war and devastating natural disasters; we want it to change, but no matter how much we wish it would go away it just seems to be getting worse.

When we turn outside of ourselves we give our power away. We can only shift what we have control over...awareness of our thoughts, our actions, our in-actions, our repression. What would happen if every person in the world went within themselves with the intention to feel and see all the places where separation, hurt, rage, racism, competition, comparison, lack, fear, and shame lives within their own body? What if we began to direct our loving attention and our awareness to these disowned and hidden parts of Self with the intention of feeling our emotions, releasing what isn't True and claiming our highest good? What if we stopped believing the old stories written in our heads from generations past and started to write a new story? What if we channeled our rage into sacred activism? What if we stood up in pure Divine Love and called for a (r)Evolution?

The new era is already here: Here the new time begins anew. The new era happens every day, Every day is a new world, A new calendar. All great moments, all great eras, Are just every moment And every day writ large. Thousands of years of loving, failing, killing, Creating, surprising, oppressing, And thinking ought now to start To bear fruit, to deliver their rich harvest. Will you be at the harvest, Among the gatherers of new fruits? Then you must begin today to remake Your mental and spiritual world, And join the warriors and celebrants Of freedom, realisers of great dreams. You can't remake the world Without remaking yourself. Each new era begins within. It is an inward event, With unsuspected possibilities For inner liberation. We could use it to turn on Our inward lights. We could use it to use even the dark And negative things positively. We could use the new era To clean our eyes, To see the world differently, To see ourselves more clearly. Only free people can make a free world. Infect the world with your light. Help fulfill the golden prophecies. Press forward the human genius. Our future is greater than our past. Turn On Your Light - an Excerpt by Ben Okri © Ben Okri, 1999. Found in Ben Okri, Mental Fight, Phoenix House: London, 1999.

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