Death & Rebirth

Something came into my awareness this morning and I felt called to share. I noticed that my inner critic, you know the voice we all have inside of our heads that judges, condemns, and tries to talk us out of our greatness, shows up right before I step into a bigger space. Most often, I am not clear on what this bigger version of me entails. I don't know what I need to give up or go through in order to get there and that can create an uprising of subconscious fear and the inner dialogue meant to keep me

"safe" begins to seep into my consciousness. I've noticed this happening in the people I work with and my close friends and family too. You see, it's Universal. We all have a part of us that is afraid of change and growth, a part of us that is afraid of being left behind. The brain can't distinguish between ego death and actual body death, so it responds in much the same way. With resistance, with a fight, with pain and sometimes suffering.

There is another way though...With awareness, we can begin to recognize the voice of the inner critic as a signal that there is a part of us that doesn't feel "safe" and there's a chance we may be subconsciously letting that voice keep us small. With this recognition we can begin to tap into the emotion that lies beneath