The Pull Out Method

This blog post is inspired by a conversation my husband, Jimmy, and I had the other night regarding the current state of the world and how it feels to be alive in a world that, for the most part, doesn't feel aligned with our values. It is no secret that our world is in the process of having all of it's biggest shadows excavated and brought to the surface; just look to facebook or the news and see arrogance, judgement, greed, fear, ignorance and divisiveness bubbling up from the collective cauldron. The earthquake preparing us to rise into the mountain is beginning to shake things up once again and these bits of rubble are coming to the surface. This shake up is absolutely necessary for our collective growth, it is through these painful contractions that a new way will be born. Knowing that the pain has a purpose or that it's temporary doesn't always make it easier to bear, but there is something that can help. Jimmy and I dubbed this "The Pull Out Method" and we have been consistently using it with success. We simply ask ourselves what it is about the current world that makes us feel out of alignment and if there is some way we are contributing. More often than not, the uncomfortable feelings we are having result from our own rubble that needs to be cleared. When we look within, we can see where we are contributing and if we can pull out of that contribution, we do. This is something you can start doing too by asking yourself a few questions...

1. What pisses you off or breaks your heart about the current situation?

2. Can you see where you may be contributing to perpetuating the situation? For example, you are against the Dakota Pipeline but still bank at a big bank who is funding the project, or you are for equal women's rights but shop at a store who doesn't offer equal healthcare to men and women employees.

3. Do your actions reflect your values? Often times we operate from old scripts we picked up from family or society that tell us what we should find valuable and important. When we look within often times we find that what we were told to value things that we don't really care about. Where are you placing importance on things that are not important to you?

4. Where are you exhibiting arrogance, greed, or fear? How are you expressing it outwardly or to yourself?

5. Where are you playing small? Where do you tell yourself that you have little or no impact and as a result relinquish responsibility towards the collective?

6. Where are you using the distractions available to you to tune out what is happening? Are you allowing yourself to truly feel what is real or are you listening to a story spinning in your head?

7. Are you spending more time on social media, watching the news, or worrying about the state of the world than you are living your life?

Using your answers to the questions above, can you see anywhere in your life you can pull out of? What expectations have you placed on yourself that feed a system you don't believe in? Use your answers to invite a new practice into your life. A practice of un-becoming who you thought you were and using the contractions to birth a whole integrated version of YOU.

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