Earthquakes Build Mountains Jai Kali Ma!

We often think of earthquakes as being destructive forces that make the ground shake with a great amount of violence. Although earthquakes do hold a great amount of destructive potential, earthquakes are one of the essential geologic processes that contribute to the building of mountains. The Himalayas, which hold some of the highest peaks in the world, formed and are continuing to grow through these forces. Earthquakes are also responsible for the formation of The Alps, The Andes, & The Appalachians. The force responsible for this shake up is heat and pressure circulating beneath the surface of the Earth causing the tectonic plates to move and shift...the Earth offers us an important lesson here.

You see, often we experience heat and pressure in our own lives that can shake us to our core; events that leave essential parts of ourselves buried beneath the rubble gasping for air and calling to be freed. The rubble in this instance is the energetic goo and unfelt emotions that collect as a result of the earth shaking experiences we have had over the course of our life as well as the subconscious beliefs we have adopted from our families of origin and society. In order for us to grow into the mountains we are meant to become, we need to go in and move the rubble out of the way. We need to feel those unfelt emotions, rewrite our stories of lack or failure, and give ourselves permission to be as big and powerful as we were born to be. This process is not easy, it doesn't feel good, and it is essential to our growth. So, how do we embark on this rescue mission? How do we remove the rubble so that our true essential Self can be revealed? We call on the part of ourselves that drives our desire to claim our power. We call on the archetype of The Dark Goddess, the gatekeeper to your purpose, the one who will show you all of your unconscious patterns that are keeping you small.

*side note: it is imperative that we begin to see these archetypes not as something separate from us or something off planet, but rather as a part of our own being. These are parts of us we can access consciously to help us move along our path.

You can see an image of Kali to the left; Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Transformation. The head in her hand represents all that is holding you back from your Truth and she is always at the ready with her sword in her hand to slice away all that does not serve your highest good. Kali is the earthquake that breaks you open and she is the voice calling out from beneath the rubble to be freed; she will do anything in her power to gain her freedom because it is through this freedom that she will build you up. In order for this to happen, you must be willing to go deep within to those places where the rubble lives so you can see that which is holding you back. There will be obstacles along the way, defenses that you yourself have built, keeping you from releasing what is keeping you from your true potential. These defenses can be stories you tell yourself to rationalize and to keep yourself from changing; or maybe you find yourself disassociating from your body's sensations, your emotions and desires. These defenses show up each time you distract yourself with food, TV, working long hours, etc; they show up when you project onto someone else by taking on a "that’s not me, that’s them" attitude; they arrive when you shut down instead of feeling emotions such as pain, hurt, grief and rage. We create these defenses because at some point in our lives we learned that we weren't safe when we stand in our power, so we developed a security system that goes off whenever we get close to uncovering our Truth. The earthquake arrives to crack us open and gives us permission to reclaim that power, so when we see these defenses arise it is our job to begin to peel back the layers to bring awareness to what it is that we personally do when we don’t want to see the truth. When we see our patterns preventing us from going to the rubble, we can wield Kali's sword and cut away all of the ways in which we are keeping our true nature hidden. When we do this, we disarm the defenses. Once the defenses are down, we can begin to pick through the rubble. Often what is hidden there is fear of stepping into our power, there may be shame or grief, or other emotions living there as well. When you lift the rubble off of these emotions you don't need to analyze them or rationalize them; you simply need to feel them. When you do this, hold yourself with a great deal of Love and compassion because often times healing is more painful than the wound itself. Remind yourself that this pain is temporary and give yourself permission to love these forgotten, buried parts of yourself and you will set yourself free; you will rise in your power. You will become the mountain you were meant to be. The You that will emerge from beneath the rubble is filled with infinite potential and has the ability to experience all the pleasures that life has to offer.

This process is not easy, it takes time and it is most definitely a path for the brave, but I promise you it is worth it. Be patient, develop a sense of devotion towards yourself and your personal evolution. Perhaps even adopt an adventurous attitude towards your journey that will allow you to experience a feeling of exhilaration as you repel into your depths and uncover your hidden treasures. Above all else, Love yourself with a passion so big that no amount of rubble can keep you down.

I'd love to hear your feelings and experiences; please feel free to reach out. We are on this path together and together we will RISE!

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