Claiming Your Space

We just completed our first weekend of Advanced Teacher Training where we looked into our hearts and asked ourselves how we currently handle certain aspects of our lives. We gave ourselves a rating in an effort to see more clearly where we are rocking' it and also where we may improve the way in which we experience all of life. In the next four weeks I will dive a little more deeply into each of the four elements we explored: Space, Time, Dharma, Flow, & Body. I will share how I practice to master these elements in my life in the hopes that it will inspire you to discover the ways to master them in yours.


Does your space reflect who you are and where you are going?

Is it conducive to nourishing your practice and leading a creative generative life?

Is it filled with items that you love, objects that inspire you?

A large contributor to my success, my fulfillment, my happiness, & my sanity is how I choose to keep my personal space. I find it extremely difficult to work or be inspired in a messy, cluttered house. Because I know this about myself I make keeping my space as clean and uncluttered as possible priority. I go through my closets every season and re-home clothes I haven't worn for the past year, I have a set day of the week when I clean the house, & I don't display every tchotchke I have ever received as a gift. I only display the things that I love, that hold great meaning, & that inspire me in some way. Everything I own has a place and everything returns to that place when I am done using it. Yes, I have kids and pets and a husband; keeping my space neat, clean, and a refection of my inner world is still possible. It has taken setting boundaries with my family members and letting them know what is important to me, it has taken small purchases of bins and organizers to give my family places to stash their things and it has also required me to suck it up and take on a few more chores myself in order to reap the benefits of my sacred space (nobody cleans the bathroom like me; if your kids or husband won't do it like you want then sometimes it's easier and more rewarding to do it yourself). It has all been worth it.

Is your space more cluttered than you would like? Does the way your space is decorated reflect who you are on the inside? What action steps can you take to reflect more You in your space?

My space also fully supports my practice. I have altars in my living room that shift with the seasons and my practice. Currently I have one altar dedicated to the Divine Feminine and one dedicated to the Divine Masculine; I light candles on these altars each morning to honor both inside of myself. Since I walk past these altars to make my morning tea, they are a great reminder to choose my practice before I check my emails and Facebook. Yoga props are neatly stored underneath the daybed we use as a couch and can be pulled out & put away with very little effort at all. My books are displayed for ease of access and so are my harmonium and often do you choose not to do something because of the effort it will take to dig out and put away?

Do you have a space dedicated to your personal practice? Do you have a daily personal practice? If not, how can you design your space to remind you to drop into You each day?

My bedroom is set up to be the sacred sanctuary that it is; a place for deep healing rest as well as a place for sacred sexuality and intimate connections. There are candles, soft lighting, inviting bedding and I have a journal on my nightstand for those mornings I want to write down my dreams. Dirty clothes are ALWAYS put into the hamper and since I have very little closet and dresser space I hung hooks on the walls to hang up clothes...I choose my prettiest fabrics to hang here so they double as decor. Phones are always set to "do not disturb" from 8pm on so they don't interrupt the bedroom bhav.

Is your bedroom your sacred sanctuary? If not, what steps can you take to make it more inviting and conducive to rest? Do you work or check email in your bedroom? If so, does that work for you?

Even the bathroom wasn't forgotten...I keep candles nearby for candle lit baths, bath salts under the sink, & essential oils in the medicine cabinet...never an excuse to not practice self-care.

Do you have items at home that help you to maintain a good self care routine?

Take the time to walk through your home and truly ask yourself if it is a reflection of who you are. If it is; great! If you find that your home is lacking your essence, then infuse it with your shakti. You will find that the more you design your living space to encompass who you are the more ease you will experience. Please share your experiences with me; I would love to hear how you create the space you need to thrive!

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