My Spring Equinox Practice

I spent my morning in ritual and sadhana reflecting on and honoring all of the teachings I have received in this last turn of the wheel and the last year. The spring equinox has always been my favorite time during the wheel of the year because of the hope that it brings. The trees are starting to bloom and the beginnings of flowers are emerging from the dark soil. It's also my favorite time because it is the perfect balance between light and dark. I am sharing my practice, including the words I wrote in my journal, with you in the hopes to inspire you to adopt the practice as well, including my vulnerability and willingness to own and love all parts of me; both the light and the dark.

After clearing myself and my space with the smoke of sage, palo santo, and rose petals, setting up my altar, calling in the directions, honoring the seasons and wisdoms gained during their time, setting my intention, and moving my body through a prayerful asana practice I sat with my journal. The following unfolded.

Today I honor where I have been, the lessons learned, & my shadows revealed. I honor where I stand now, how those lessons have steered me along my path an