Hitting a Nerve & Evolving My Practice

The photo below is one of my favorites; it was taken by the lovely Melissa Rich in the summer of 2015. The mudra I am practicing is a symbol of unshakable trust and on the day this photograph was taken, trust was of the utmost importance in my world. On this day I had been living with severe nerve damage for 4 months. My body transformed into something completely unfamiliar, the body I had grown to learn so intimately in my yoga practice was experiencing constant pain, it didn't move the way I had grown accustomed to & at times I wasn't sure if I could mentally handle it anymore. The thing was, I had to find a way to handle it. I was a mom, a yoga studio manager, I was leading several trainings including a 200 hour yoga teacher training, I was in the middle of completing my own 300 hour training, and let's face it I am not the type to not find a way to handle it. So, I did the only thing I knew how to do; I tapped into my Self and let my body be my teacher. I let coping with nerve damage be my practice and it was the most humbling, and empowering act of Faith I have experienced so far.

Imagine waking up one morning with the sensation that the tendons in your hands and behind your knees were tight corded metal. The act of bending your fingers or getting up out of bed seems impossible and you're beginning to worry because this most definitely doesn't feel like the same body you went to bed with. T