Reimagining Culture From The Inside Out

feel.focus.flow. offers education and practices for individuals and groups to cultivate awareness, intention and discernment while strengthening boundaries and developing a deep sense of place and belonging. This is done through somatic work, mindfulness, trauma resolution and deconstruction of unhelpful, dominant cultural norms.

feel.focus.flow. also offers somatic practices to help deal with chronic pain conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, MS, Neuropathy, Nerve Pain, Chronic Fatigue and other non-diagnosed sources of pain. 

feel.focus.flow. is for the rebels, leaders, changemakers and those who want to settle into what makes them HUMAN. This framework is for those who see the need for cultural, structural and ideological change in today's world and want to do something about it.

feel.focus.flow. helps you understand your own nervous system and it's nuances so you can deal with pain, show up fully in your family, your community and your relationships to embrace life with a sense of wholeness and belonging.

This is culture shifting work! We do things a little different here. feel.focus.flow. is meant to be threaded into our everyday, mundane lives. Your payment is received as crowdfunding for Lawa Pono Forest Farm on the Big Island of Hawai'i. By purchasing feel.focus.flow. sessions and circles, you are contributing to cooperative, community farming, food sovereignty and land based learning. Mahalo for your support!


Hi, I'm Lori

Website introductions are hard for me, I resist putting labels on myself and I rarely fit into a box. My partner and I joke it's because I need to be experienced rather than described. I'm in my late 40's, my pronouns are she/they, I have 3 adult children and a committed relationship to my Jimmy and the land we tend to on Moku o Keawe, the "Big Island" of Hawai'i.


Culturally I grew up in the United States and come from a mixed lineage that reflects thousands of years of diaspora and disconnect. Spiritually I have found my roots in land based, matrilineal, animist practices. I've always been the proverbial rebel when it comes to social and cultural norms. I have seen the negative effects of dominant culture since I was a child and as an adult I've worked to disrupt where I can, simply by being myself.

I taught elementary school and a few semesters of university geography classes before I realized the change I wanted to make couldn't be made within the structures of public education. As Audre Lorde wrote, "the masters tools will never dismantle the master's house". I realized if I wanted to make the impact I felt called to make, I had to find another way. As a long time yoga and meditation practitioner and certified teacher who has also been on a complex trauma healing journey, I began to teach what I had embodied.

I've been teaching and facilitating individual and group classes, workshops and trainings since 2012. I use my education and additional training in yoga, meditation, somatic experiencing and internal family systems to help people not only know themselves, but also live wholly as they are. I help people move through life with more  courage, intention and self trust and less perfectionism, fear and procrastination.

As someone who lives with chronic pain due to nerve damage I know how hard it can be to do life some days. Because of this I also specialize in teaching somatic practices to help deal with chronic pain conditions such as: Fibromyalgia, MS, Neuropathy, Nerve Pain, Chronic Fatigue and other non-diagnosed sources of pain. 


When individuals thrive their families and communities thrive. When families and communities thrive culture shifts. This is why I do what I do.