The Language Of Your Inner Landscape

Sliding Scale Online Learning Opportunity 

Your Body Speaks; Do You Know What It Is Saying?

Join Lori Glazebrook, somatic embodiment facilitator, emotional body & nervous system educator and Yoga & meditation teacher for a two hour online class to learn about how our bodies communicate with our consciousness through the lenses of sensation, image, behavior, affect and meaning. Mini classes offer a taste of what we will be diving into during the next season of immersion. In this upcoming mini class you will learn the language of your intuition and body’s wisdom and begin to develop trust in your ability to navigate your path.

Our human body contains sophisticated technology that is constantly seeking meaning from our experiences. In fact, while around 5% of our environment is noticed by our conscious mind, 95% of our experiences are instantly recorded and stored as information by our subconscious. This explains why the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you’re walking down the street or butterflies arrive in your belly when you get a feeling about something that hasn’t happened yet; even though your conscious brain isn’t picking up on the source of possible threat or danger, your subconscious mind is. We perceive our world with much more than our five main senses; our intuition is a very real ability that can be identified in lab experiments and visualized on brain scans. 

This online learning opportunity will discuss the different ‘lenses’ through which we experience our environment and the subtle ways in which our inner wisdom communicates with us.



“Our intuition is powerful and we must also recognize that we often confuse our emotions for logic and our trauma responses for intuition.”
― Lori Glazebrook

This 2 hour online learning opportunity is meant to be a pebble in the pond moment to empower you to listen to the subtle ways your body communicates to you. 

In This Class You Will

  • Learn the ways your body and subconscious mind communicates to you

  • Learn how your body responds to other bodies subconsciously

  • Gain tools to apply this knowledge in your life experiences after class

Why Is This Important?

  • You may be holding yourself back from what you truly want

  • Dismantling Systems Of Oppression REQUIRES it

  • We All Carry Conditioning From Colonization 

  • You May Pass Along Your Irrational Fears & Doubts

  • Life Is Better When We're Clear On Our Perception Of It



Three Saturdays to choose from (or sign up for them all; each class covers the same material but different people attending will offer different questions and personal perspectives). Class is limited to 13 participants; register early!

Sliding Scale Class: $15-$40; send contributions to $feelfocusflow on CashApp or @feelfocusflow on PayPal



January 30, 2021 9am-11am PT

February 6, 2021 9am-11am PT

March 13, 2021 9am-11am PT

  • The Language Of Your Inner Landscape
    Online Class
    Mar 13, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
    Online Class
  • The Language Of Your Inner Landscape
    Online Class
    Feb 06, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
    Online Class
  • The Language Of Your Inner Landscape
    Online Class
    Jan 30, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST
    Online Class

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