The Inner Dance Of Shiva & Shakti

Unpacking Your Karma & Dealing With What Comes Up

With Lori Glazebrook


Dr. Manoj Chalam



Learn to BE YOUR OWN GURU and activate your inner Sacred Rebel while you discover how to be with your emotions and use them to create healing and spaciousness in your life.


It can be easy to feel too sensitive for the world we live in, and that can be frustrating when you want to make a difference. 


 Your sensitivity is a super power; it's important to learn to work with it.

Much of what drives our day to day existence is done without the awareness of our conscious minds; this means we are often acting out of old subconscious patterning that is not supportive of the direction we want to be going. The feelings of sweatiness, anxiety and overwhelm are physiological responses to your nervous system being activated and believe it or not you can in fact expand your capacity to be with these frustrating, and sometimes scary feelings which increases your ability to be an effective agent of change in your life and in the world. Through somatic practices, meditation and self inquiry we begin to become intimate with the intricacies of who we are and what we want at a Soul level and we begin to gain the courage to live from that place while we shed what isn’t authentically our own.

According to the Shakta Maha-Bhagavata Purana, Sati, the daughter of Daksha and first wife of Shiva, feels insulted that she and Shiva are not invited to Daksha’s yagna (“fire sacrifice”) and insists on going there, even though Shiva kept telling her not to bother with it. After futile attempts to convince Shiva, the enraged Sati transforms into the ten Wisdom Goddesses, who surround Shiva from the ten cardinal directions. Shiva becomes the pillar of light, the pillar of consciousness in which the 10 devis revolve about. This story reflects the relationship between our own energy, emotions and our consciousness; our “feel” and our “focus”. When held in a way that is fluid and responsive we come into union and find flow. 

Join Lori Glazebrook, creator of feel.focus.flow.™ Somatic Yoga and Dr. Manoj Chalam for a 16 hour intensive where we will gather in sacred community to unpack our karma and deal with what comes up. Together we will use mythology, witness consciousness, archetypal exploration and somatic experiencing® to navigate triggers and build resilience. 

We are rescheduling due to covid-19 and the resulting requests from the CDC to limit exposure through social distancing. 

Stay tuned for new dates!

$108/Person. Includes Sattvic lunch, snacks, coffee, tea and The Bomb Chai

Unique Arts Temple

7868 Silverton Ave. Suite J

San Diego, CA 92126