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We can go faster and farther together than we can go alone; because of this, existing in community is a big part of what we practice in feel.focus.flow. By participating in immersive, small group experiences you have the opportunity to learn from others who are walking the path alongside you, a collective who is committed to their evolution as humans on this planet. This space is open to ALL, it is a place where duality dissolves and we remember who we are. There are no pedestals, no hierarchies or social orders; in this community we stand side by side in Circle Together. The way we practice is the way we live our lives. If you're ready to begin living differently, let's begin practicing differently.

feel.focus.flow. courses and events offer a non-hierarchical system of learning, teaching and practice where communities of empowerment are created through the sharing of education and practices that allow people to tap into their instinctual, intuitive, restorative nature. feel.focus.flow. integrates ancient teachings and philosophy with the study of psychology, nervous system anatomy and neurophysiology to offer mind-body somatic practices to help you come into a deeper understanding of your mind, body and nervous system; this work empowers you to create space for choice and agency in your own life.

Finding Your Way
Multiple Dates
Online weekend retreat to restore and rejuvenate while learning about your unique nervous system.
Apr 22, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM PDT

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Two phoenixes together, one rising in flight while the other boldly stands.