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Embodied Human Group

Actively dismantle internal/embodied systems of oppression while creating an equitable power culture in all aspects of our lives.
Embodied Human Group

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Embodied Human Group

When working to dismantle the old and create the new it is important to realize that life is less of a marathon and more like a relay. A part of decolonizing is learning to balance our momentum with rest and trust that our community is "picking up our slack".

That's what the embodied human group is. This is not a support group to process your life problems, rather this circle is for those seeking to actively dismantle internal/embodied systems of oppression while creating an equitable power culture in all aspects of life. This circle is for everyone: parents, non-parents, students, teachers, managers, workers, business owners, therapists, healers, humans doing our own inner work, living our lives and leading by example.

This group is for you if you are aware of the ways in which the system is not supportive of the world you want to see and are ready to walk the path of detangling alongside others.

In this non-hierarchical yet carefully facilitated group, we will move beyond cognitive awareness into embodied action by building somatic awareness of cultural superiority and the unconscious adherence to dominant culture. We will be sharing and embodying the challenges and successes of mobilizing in the fight for building systems that are not embedded in embodied supremacy culture while dismantling systems that oppress. We will embody the truth that there is no "slack" to pick up when we choose to rest while we simultaneously create the culture necessary for a sustainable future. We will seek nuance through our bodies in order to move away from binaries and polarizing to find balance in community, together.

This is a twice monthly group gathering where somatic practices and community conversation will happen. There will be prompts and reading opportunities given along the way.

With the intention of maximizing opportunities for connection, group size is limited to 8 and you need to attend scheduled sessions. We will meet online however, there will be no recordings made of meetings. Prompts and reading opportunities will be shared via email and there will be an online discussion group available.

Embodied supremacy and oppression manifests in many ways and we all (mostly unknowingly) participate in the upholding of the very systems we are working so hard to dismantle. This is what makes doing this work in community so important. When we can identify how and where internalized systems of oppression show up in our day to day lives we have the power to take action and create lasting change in ourselves and our external environment. Although this work involves heavy topics often associated with shame and negativity, we will approach them with curiosity and an honoring of the courage that is present in vulnerability.

This is a mixed group open to all genders and all bodies.

We will begin in August and will meet for 90 minutes twice a month via Zoom. Day and time TBD based upon the group's collective availability.

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