Embodied Astrology

In Embodied Astrology, we don’t think of the planets as being something outside of ourselves that control our fate and destiny. Rather, each luminary, planet, asteroid and sign has an archetypal energy that represents part of who we are as individuals. 


The energies and aspects within the chart reveal various parts of Self, or an internal family system*. These parts are the archetypal threads that make up the collective unconscious as well as our own unique psyche. These parts interact internally with each other and externally with other people. An example of how this shows up is through the voice of our inner critic. We all have experienced a critical voice inside of our minds at times in life: the part of us that uses words like “should”. Sometimes this part causes us to not take risks or act small and other times it’s voice may lash out in defensiveness toward another person. This inner critic isn’t wholly you, it’s a part of you, an archetype rather than a complete personality. Otherwise you wouldn’t be at odds with yourself. We can learn a lot about ourselves and others when we bring awareness to our various parts and the relationships that occur between them. When we bring awareness to our personal and collective expression of these archetypes, we can learn to consciously come into balance.


By looking at your birth chart as as an archetypal map of your inner landscape you can step into wholeness even more. 

All of the signs and planets carry Archetypal information that can lead you towards a fuller expression of who you are in this lifetime. Using the time, date and place you were born I can cast a birth chart that shows the planets and asteroids that are major players in your chart and you can learn how they might present in your life.


When I cast your chart I look at both the traditional planets plus several asteroids and your upcoming transits. By learning more about the archetypal energies and how they express through you, navigation through life becomes more curious and an adventure. Readings are conversational permission givers to be who you are and create an opportunity to step into the driver’s seat of your own journey. Your Embodied Astrology session includes a PDF copy of your Birth Chart, discussion about the archetypal energies present, a video recording of your reading and practices you can do on your own to help you embody what you have discovered about yourself.

Click the button below to email me to schedule your reading; I'll need your birth time, date and place. I spend about two hours studying your chart before we meet in a live, 90 minute video call to go over what was uncovered and share practices/ways to work with what was found.

Cost of Readings: $265

I offer a sliding scale for those who request assistance

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