feel.focus.flow.community is here to give you tools to live your life from conscious, embodied action. By downloading our free app you will have access to curated content, tools and community support designed to help you know your nervous system and navigate your life with agency and awareness. All content is hosted on the feel.focus.flow.community Wix app for iphone and android. This space is open to ALL, it is a place where duality dissolves and we remember who we are. There are no pedestals, no hierarchies or social orders; in this community we stand side by side in Circle Together. The way we practice is the way we live our lives. If you're ready to begin living differently, let's begin practicing differently.

What's On The App?

New Content is added throughout the week and includes:

  • One personal share/mini blog from Lori

  • One video or podcast link share for you to engage with

  • One resourcing practice to help you find center throughout the week

  • One invitation of an action step that can be done in the world

  • An open invite for you to share and ask questions in the community group space

Where does this happen?

All of this can be found on the free feel.focus.flow. downloadable Wix app below. 

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