What’s Lori's story? 

Right now, I am a 43 year old human, I live in the U.S. and I am a multifaceted Being. I enjoy gardening, reading, spending time outdoors and dismantling the internal and external systems that uphold oppression. I am a mother of three; ages 24, 22 and 17. Through this role I have learned I am patient, lovingly fierce, I can do ANYTHING I set my mind and heart to and can love to a depth I never knew possible. After a traumatic childhood, two divorces, single motherhood and unravelling a tendency to fall for narcissists and abusers, I have been married to my best friend for ten years; we have committed to a relationship dedicated to bringing out the best in one another...sometimes this means we embrace the worst as we uncover our wounding and learn how to love and be loved, unconditionally, while honoring each other and maintaining our individuality. We're both fiery, independent beings so it's been quite the ride! (I wouldn't trade it for the world😉)


I listen deeply, not only to what is being said on the surface, but to what is underneath; within the substratum. I listen not only with my ears, but with my body and my intuition. I hear what is not being said and I see what is not being shown in order to live with more choice, agency and impact. I have a passion for resurrecting the forgotten and at times villainized ancient ways to help create a path forward without hierarchy and unsustainable power dynamics. My undergrad and graduate school studies are in geography, environmental studies and education. This sparked my interest in studying how the multitude of cultural aspects found throughout the world relate to the spaces and places they originate, and then migrate, as people continually move around the globe. As a result, my spiritual and educational path has given me a vast perspective that allows me to see the intersecting roots of spirituality, psychology and social order. I am a yoga and meditation teacher, an astrologer and a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) in training. The teachers who most influence what I practice and share include Peter Levine, Ariel Giarretto, Bessel van der KolkSri Mata Amritanandamayi, Swami Shantamritananda Puri, Manoj & Jyothi Chalam, Miguel Ángel Vergara, Saul David RayeDivine Harmony, the Celtic/Druidic teachings of my ancestors and the guru known as life.


What do I “do” with who I am?


I offer a non-hierarchical system of learning, teaching and practice where communities of empowerment are created through the sharing of education and practices that allow for radical self knowing. I integrate ancient teachings and philosophy with the study of psychology and trauma and offer mind-body somatic practices to help you come into a deeper understanding of your mind, body and nervous system; this work empowers you to create space for choice and agency in your own life. I offer private astrology readings, one-on-one somatic embodiment sessions as well as lead small group (max 13 people) workshops and retreats.


Due to the pandemic, I am working exclusively online and finding that with intention and heart we are able to co-regulate and create profound change even when unable to gather in person. Find out about one-on-one virtual sessions here.

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