About Lori 

I am passionate about reconnecting people to their humanity and the Earth. I remember when I was sitting in class as an undergrad, already a five year long practicing yogi and a mother of three, I was the second oldest after the teacher in my World Regional Geography class and surrounded by people fresh out of high school.

I was listening to the professor speak about Russian oligarchs and their quest for wealth and power when I realized that not only in Russia, but across most of the globe, capitalism and colonialism have created a culture of people who have forgotten they were part of nature itself. In pursuit of expansion and excess, we were destroying the Earth for greed and exploiting children for a pair of Nike shoes. 

That was when I knew I wanted to do everything in my power to remind people we are interdependent with the Earth. I spent the hours I wasn’t teaching or learning, camping or on hikes with my children, we got curious about using our senses to perceive the land. When I wasn’t with my kids, I was with kindergartners, teaching them the wonders of nature through the lifecycle of a seed. A few years later, I led groups of undergrads through the cycles of the Earth in Physical Geography 101 and for the last 9 years have been teaching people how to rewild themselves through embodying the authentic practice of Yoga.

I’ve designed curriculum for and led multiple Yoga teacher trainings and now I offer a non-hierarchical system of learning, teaching and practice where communities of empowerment are created through the sharing of education and practices that allow people, at all stages of life, to tap into their instinctual, intuitive, restorative nature. 

If you want to learn and grow with me during these wild, transformative times, take a peek at the events page before you leave the site. 


Due to the pandemic, I am working exclusively online and finding that with intention and heart we are able to co-regulate and create profound change even when unable to gather in person. Find out about one-on-one virtual sessions here.

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