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Lawa Pono Forest Farm logo with banana tree and ducks

Lawa Pono Forest Farm

The Full Story

Welcome to Lawa Pono Forest Farm, a small-scale agroforestry project rooted in the principles of balance, reciprocity, abundance, and community care. In 2020, our family embarked on this journey with a shared vision—to create a food forest that nourishes the land and the local community.


At Lawa Pono, we believe in reconnecting with the Earth and embracing our inherent place within nature. Our farm serves as a reminder of what it means to be human and to be part of something greater than the pursuit of capital.


With great care, we have cleared the land by hand, preserving native plants while creatively managing invasive species. Our farm is home to a thriving array of both native and edible plant life, including Ohia lehua, uluhe, hapu’u, Kalo, Ulu, Jackfruit and various citrus varieties. We also grow Bele, bananas, sweet potatoes, basil, green beans and squash. As stewards of the land, we maintain a flock of ducks who contribute to our fruit tree fertilization and provide eggs as an additional food source.


While tending to what already exists, we listen to the land's wisdom. We’re constructing small cabins using reclaimed wood and pallets, harnessing solar power for our energy needs. We nourish ourselves from food grown nearby, fostering connections within our community. Simultaneously, we plan for the future, cultivating extra plants and trees to share with our neighbors while we collaborate on projects at each other's homesteads.


Our goal, with the support of local growers, is to produce enough food within the next three years to sustain our farm residents while stocking a gift-based community market. Imagine a little free library, but with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, eggs, and other nourishing essentials for life. This endeavor requires the collective efforts of our wider community, and we invite you to be part of our journey toward plentiful abundance.


Lawa Pono, derived from the olelo Hawaii, signifies abundance and prosperity. These guiding values—balance, reciprocity, abundance, sharing, collaborating, community care, integrity, decolonizing, and returning to the Ahupua'a—shape our every action.


Our mission is to create opportunities for connection while providing sustenance to the local community. As we look ahead, our long-term vision encompasses a cooperative community farm stand—a place that unites people with their neighbors, the land, and their food.


Join us in embracing a more interconnected, sustainable future. Get involved, lend a hand, and together let's cultivate a thriving circular economy that benefits all.

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