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About feel.focus.flow.

Empower yourself through somatic exploration and land-based practices

Welcome to feel.focus.flow., a philosophy and practice that empowers you to explore and discover your true self and take action based on that knowledge. Our philosophy is rooted in the principles of somatic exploration and reconnecting to our innate human nature and place within the Earth's ecosystem. By cultivating awareness and discernment through land based practices, archetypal inquiry, education, and deconstruction of harmful cultural norms, we help you tap into your inner wisdom and strengths to show up fully and embrace life with a sense of wholeness and belonging.


Through feel.focus.flow., you can access the internal structure and support you need to live life to the fullest, including being willing to face the inevitable challenges and transformations that come with growth. Our practice encourages courage, self-discovery, and a deep connection with the natural world.


Join our community of regenerative change-makers who are committed to creating a more harmonious and abundant future for all.

Hapu'u fern unfurling
Lori Glazebrook weed whacking banana patch

Hi, I'm Lori 👋🏼 

I work as a nervous system and subtle body educator and guide.

In 2011, after practicing Yoga for over a decade, I decided to undergo training to become a teacher. During the training, I was asked a question: "What does your personal yoga practice bring to your life?" Reflecting on it, three words came to mind: feel, focus, and flow.

As a young, single mother juggling various responsibilities and being a full-time student, my yoga practice served as my lifeline. The time spent on my mat allowed me to connect with and process my emotions, which often got overlooked amidst the chaos of daily life and parenting. It provided me with the necessary tools to return to the world with a renewed focus on what truly mattered and the ability to adapt to any challenges that came my way.

Over the following years, I developed a deep and intimate relationship with my pain, delving into another layer of what it truly meant to feel, focus, and flow. These experiences significantly influenced my teaching approach.

I transitioned away from teaching vinyasa flow or asana-based yoga classes. Instead, I began inviting practitioners to explore their emotions and nervous system through restorative practices and somatic exploration. Simultaneously, I aimed to deepen their understanding of authentic yoga by incorporating teachings on the gunas and the koshas.

Ultimately, my personal practice led me to where I am today: fully embodying the philosophy of feel.focus.flow. and actively living my own yoga principles to inspire the creation of regenerative cultures. I do this through local initiatives as well as online, where I offer small group experiences and one-on-one sessions.

I am a trained somatic practitioner and Experienced, Certified Yoga teacher trainer with over 20 years of practice in understanding the human condition through teachings of a matriarchal lineage. I have a BA and graduate study in Geography, Environmental Studies & Elementary Education. I weave cultural somatics and subtle body understanding into the framework that is feel.focus.flow. and am one of the primary land-tenders at Lawa Pono Forest Farm.

What do I do for you?

I teach you how to access the internal structure and support you need to show up fully and embrace life with a sense of curiosity. 

What do you do for me?

In exchange for feel.focus.flow. sessions, circles, events and self paced workshops, your money is received as crowdfunding for Lawa Pono Forest Farm on the Big Island of Hawai'i. When you choose to support yourself with feel.focus.flow not only are you getting the gift of slowing down and creating intimacy with your inner and outer worlds, you are also contributing to cooperative, community farming, food sovereignty and land based learning.

Experience more of who I am

You can experience more of who I am by following me on instagram and find our how we can work together by checking out the sessions and pricing page.

Wishing you flow in the chaos of life,
Lori 🌿   

Around five years into my teaching journey, my personal practice underwent a significant transformation. I developed nerve damage, specifically peripheral neuropathy, as a result of a commonly prescribed antibiotic. This condition brought about chronic pain and severely restricted my mobility. As a result, my yoga practice shifted from a primarily physical focus to a more meditative and contemplative one.

During this time, I had ample opportunity to experience and explore intense sensations. The neuropathy felt like fire ants crawling beneath my skin, my muscles would tighten and cramp, and I couldn't even take a short walk around the block. It was during this period that I encountered an invitation to meditate on pain while studying the Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

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