Embody Your Practice & Share Your Gifts

feel.focus.flow.™ 200hr Teacher Training 8 Week Immersion

October 8th-December 8th

Small, intimate Group Training

8 Person Class Maximum

This SPECIALIZED SMALL GROUP Training will Revolutionize your practice and your life while giving you the skills necessary to begin to teach others how to revolutionize their’s.


feel.focus.flow.™ is a moving meditation that combines elements of Tantra Yoga, Shamanism and Somatic Practice to invite you into your own personal evolutionary journey.


During Training We will EXPLORE the teachings of Yoga through:

  • Group Yoga Practices, Authentic Reflections & Sharing

  • Teaching Skills: Authentic Expression & Effectively Leading Others

  • Shapes & Sequencing: Intuitive Movement, Restorative & Sequenced Asana

  • Felt Anatomy: Physical, Energetic, Mental-Emotional, Intuition & Soul

  • Philosophy, Psychology & Living Your Yoga


In this feel.focus.flow.™  8 week immersive teacher training Lori Glazebrook E-RYT 500 will share the roots and essence of yoga as a pathway to inner and outer revolution.

We will dive deep into the teachings & practices of Yoga by integrating vedanta and tantra teachings with somatic movement.

This Yoga Alliance Registered 8 week Immersion is for teachers + students who are wishing to deepen their practice and experience the power of a somatic, soul centered approach to yoga and life.



One Being Wellness Revolution

409 South Public Road

Lafayette, Colorado


October 2019

10/8 Tuesday 5-9pm

10/12  Saturday 12:00-5:30

10/13 Sunday 12:00-5:30

10/15 Tuesday 5-9pm

10/18 Friday 6-9pm

10/19 Saturday 9am-5:30pm

10/20 Sunday 12:00-5:30

10/22 Tuesday 5-9pm

10/25 Friday 6-9pm

10/26 Saturday 12:00-5:30  

10/27 Sunday 12:00-5:30

10/29 Tuesday 5-9pm


11/1 Friday 6-9pm

11/2 Saturday 9am-5:30

11/3 Sunday 9am-5:30pm

11/5 Tuesday 5-9pm

11/8 Friday 6-9pm

11/9 Saturday 12-5:30

11/10 Sunday 12-5:30

11/15 Friday 6-9pm

11/16 Saturday 9am-5:30pm

11/17 Sunday 12-5:30

11/19 Tuesday 5-9pm

11/22 Friday 6-9pm

11/23 Saturday 9am-5:30

11/24 Sunday 12-5:30


December 2019

12/3 Tuesday 5-9pm

12/7 Saturday 12-5:30pm

12/8 Sunday 12-5:30pm

Price: $2300

$500 non-refundable deposit

Payment Plan Available : 5 payments of $380 with an auto-pay contract

*Minimum 6 people required to hold training

What We Will Learn, Practice and Embody: 


Learning Objectives:

What Will You Receive?

  1. Learn the principles of embodiment; alignment and somatics

  2. learn how to sequence and deliver a class that is authentic to your own relationship to yoga

  3. learn several pranayama techniques including their purpose and potential benefits as well as how to teach them

  4. learn how to effectively teach a class while respecting the needs of everyone involved

  5. look at asana from an interoceptive viewpoint. By learning about lines of energy and energetic alignment you will learn how poses “work” in your own body and get an opportunity to hear other’s experiences to enable a broader ability to offer modifications and variations to honor your students experience

  6. learn how individuals process new information and how to provide proper scaffolding, through teaching, to properly encourage growth at the student’s individual rate

  7. learn about the biomechanics of the body and how our ability to utilize intuition is embedded in our movement patterns

  8. learn mantras, meditation techniques and mudras and how to incorporate them into practice and teaching

  9. learn how to create space for healthy teacher-student relationships and grow into a leader within your community

  10. learn about the prevalence of trauma in our modern world and how to be sensitive to this in teaching while providing tools students can use to self regulate

  11. learn about the autonomic nervous system and how it relates to yoga

  12. learn yoga kriya and the methods and reasons for incorporating these into regular practice and teaching

  13. learn how to address the specific needs of individuals and special populations, to the degree possible in a group setting: prenatal and beginners

  14. learn the fundamentals of yoga nidra such as delivery, the hypnagogic state and how to guide a yoga nidra practice

  15. learn about the effective use of language in teaching, conscious communication, and habitual speech and communication patterns

  16. gain a deeper understanding of the laws of Karma and Dharma and be able to relate these concepts to your personal practice and have the ability to teach using real world examples

  17. come to recognize parts of the divine within and discover how to share that in your life & teaching.

  18. explore ancient teachings from a modern perspective and learn how to put them into practice in teaching and in life

  19. upon completion you will be a Certified Yoga Teacher and are eligible for registration through Yoga Alliance

  20. Learn to LIVE a Fully Embodied LIFE

Is this Training For You?


The feel.focus.flow.™ 200 hour teacher training is for the yogi who has been practicing regularly for at least a year, is in love with the practice of yoga and wants to learn how to transmit their personal relationship to yoga and embody it further.

This training is intentionally designed to bring forth an incredible amount of transformation in a short amount of time.

The feel.focus.flow.™ 200hr Teacher Training is open to ONLY 8 individuals at a time; it is through small intensive group work where you will EMBODY the practice of yoga and have the tools necessary to share it. Through small group sharing and individualized instruction you will be nurtured and supported while you step into your power.

This training meets and exceeds the requirements for Yoga Alliance registration and upon completion participants may register with Yoga Alliance if they choose to do so.


This training is taught by extraordinary teachers with extensive knowledge and experience in their content areas. Click Here To Learn More:

What those who have taken a teacher training with Lori Say:

" Lori has a penchant for exploring into the cracks and crevices of her students and carving away what no longer resonates, while ultimately revealing the underlying beauty in us all. Lori teaches in a way that inspires her students to be present on the mat, as well as out in the world, so that we may spread the message of empowerment and self-acceptance. Taking Lori's training facilitates comfort in my mind, as well as my body. Not only do I feel transformed physically after her classes, but my psyche functions at a state of calm alertness that carries me throughout my day. Lori is truly masterful at holding space for her students so that they may embody connectedness with themselves and the world around them."~ Jenna Van Der Volgen 200hr & Restorative Training

"Lori and her teachings are a testament to a new depth of knowing and being, of courage and of Love. She supports and inspires us as students, leading us down paths gleaming with light and also into the darkness; places of mystery and inquiry she herself has traveled and continues to travel day by day so that you feel these teachings are alive within her before, during, and after she asks you to take your plunge. These offerings and this type of holding are invaluable in a guide as she asks and demonstrates to you how to become attuned to your higher self through the way most fitting to YOUR particular souls journey. We laughed, we cried, we exposed deeper portions of ourselves only to find acceptance and growth; there's revelry and freedom inherent in each of her teachings. As a decade long teacher, trainee, and seeker I highly recommend Lori and her offerings."~Andrew Keeler; Advanced Teacher Training & Restorative

"I did my two-hundred hour yoga teacher training and restorative teacher training with Lori and both were nothing short of mind blowing. She made me feel like I was training to be a Jedi! Her classes, trainings, and circles she holds will work wonders and helped me work and move through my issues with trust and love. You are able to move freely and or talk freely and safely without any judgments at all. Lori is truly an amazing force and Phenomenal leader of these real, emotional, magnificent classes. ~Jackie Trent; 200 hr & Restorative

There are only 8 spaces open for this training; is one of them yours?