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"Cultures are not designed from the top down as much as they grow organically from the bottom up."

~David Orr

Somatic Sessions and Self Inquiry

with Lori Glazebrook

What I Specialize In

Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries

Working With Pain & Difficult Emotions

 Nervous System Capacity and Managing Overwhelm

Decolonizing The Mind and Nervous System

Personalized Self Care Plan Beyond the Bathtub

"Without questioning our worldview and the narrative that has shaped our culture, are we not likely to repeat the same mistakes over and over again?"

~Daniel Wahl  


Begin Your Journey Today.

"I could not shake the feeling that I had changed somehow.  I was able to go forth into the world with just a little more authenticity.  I was able to be a little more gentle with myself and fierce with my challenges.  I went out into the world with permission to just be myself. Some time later I realized that I was the only one who could give that permission and I’m so grateful for the lesson. Thanks Lori, for helping me to hear the voice in my soul."

- Donny Hare

"I really loved being a part of the recent sacred Rage group! I had a certain expectation...zoom meeting...presentation....people, I don't know....And it was very different! Lori masterfully directed us in a heartfelt, safe, vulnerable space, where sharing was easily done, relating to each other felt natural and the homework was fun and I learn in person better...but this was an exceptional experience!

I applied some of the suggestions & teachings Lori gave me and noticed results."

- Arati Lane

"I wasn't judging my body for what it couldn't do, but was able to explore what it could do— what it wanted to do, was asking to do, and what I had been ignoring in trying to hold it to old patterns. I finally gave my body permission to move in the ways it needed to through feel.focus.flow, which gave it room to heal."

- Emily Tyler

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